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“Victoria HD General Purpose Liquid Detergent

  • Blend of high foaming surfactant and Safe use for manual operation
  • Concentrated liquid easy to use and it is free rinsing
  • Unperfumed does not taint the surfaces
  • Suitable for moderately hard water and soft water
  • Can be used both in the hot and cold water
  • Surfactant used are fully biodegradable
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Bio Virudine

  • • Contains 2.5% of titrable iodine and 20% phosphoric acid
  • Contains detergent for deep penetration and cleaning
  • Broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Surfactant used is biodegradable and environment friendly
  • Non staining at used dilution
  • Suitable for hard and soft water
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Food Prep Disinfectant

  • Broad-spectrum disinfectant
  • Effective at low temperature
  • Nonfoaming can withstand turbulence
  • Suitable for all water hardness
  • Non selective and Free rinsing
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Germocetic Detergent Sanitizer

  • Concentrated powder sanitizer with cleaning & disinfection properties
  • Silicated to enhance protection against corrosion
  • Built In water softening agent prevents scale deposits
  • Suitable for soft and hard water
  • Pink free flowing powder and it is free rinsing
  • Powder with 4% available chlorine and easily soluble In water
  • Dual halogen for enhanced kill rate
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Grease Raptor Food Area Detergent

  • Suitable for both hard and soft water Pack Site
  • High foam surfactant helps in emulsifying fat 25 Litres Can
  • Mild but effective cleaning and Prevents the corrosion of soft metals
  • Free rinsing and streak free
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Meta Safe Foam Detergent

  • Broad spectrum biocidal
  • Aids in the removal of protein
  • High foam surfactant helps in emulsifying fat
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Prevents the corrosion of soft metals
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Micro Wash For Polycarbonate Bottles and Mould

  • Alkaline for heavy duty and Effective on fat /soil removal
  • Built-In water softening chemical helps In combating water hardness and keeping away the scale build up in the washer Pack Size :
  • Suitable for both hard and soft water and Low foaming can withstand turbulence
  • Silicated and Is safe on the plastic and aluminum trays as well 200 Litres Barrel as on polycarbonate bottles
  • Concentration can be controlled with the use of automatic conductivity controller
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  • Concentrated liquid detergent
  • Can be boosted with separate alkali for very heavy soiling
  • Ideal for automatic injection direct from container
  • Very economical in use
  • Combines all the benefits of liquid concentrates in one product
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  • Washes a wide range of classifications and soiling
  • Top quality whiteness and brightness even on older linen
  • Can be used at all temperatures
  • Chemically compensates for poor wash water and hardness over 60ppm
  • Gives quality results with good colour retention
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  • Efficient degreaser / emulsifier
  • Removes animal, vegetable, mineral oils & fats
  • Can eliminate the need to dry clean oily soiled fabrics
  • Contains no hydrocarbon solvents
  • Active across all temperature ranges
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  • Exceptional stain removal
  • Specially suitable for hospital and catering trade work
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be used as a pre-wsh or main wsh product
  • Good overnight soaking medium
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Pegasus – Fresh Breeze ( Advanced Odour Neutralizer)

  • Specifically.targeted enzymes eliminate the source of odors.
  • Earth’s smart formula assures safety. No hazardous components, no VOC,s, ranked sero in all HMIS categories.
  • Super concentrated for maximum economy.
  • The versatile, water-based products can be used as a space spray, in mop water, even as a light duty cleaner.
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