• Washes a wide range of classifications and soiling
  • Top quality whiteness and brightness even on older linen
  • Can be used at all temperatures
  • Chemically compensates for poor wash water and hardness over 60ppm
  • Gives quality results with good colour retention


Boosted Medium to Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent for a Wide Range of Classifications

Pegasus – Detergent Plus is a complete detergent powder capable of washing a wide range of classifications and soilings. The high performance non caustic powder contains high levels of water conditioning agents to achive the perfect wash chemistry with imperfect water conditions whilst the latest bleach-stable optical brightening agents produce sparkling results. Pegasus – Detergent Plus can be boosted with other Pegasus product even the worst possible soiling and staining..

Pack Size:

25 Kg