Germocetic Detergent Sanitizer

  • Concentrated powder sanitizer with cleaning & disinfection properties
  • Silicated to enhance protection against corrosion
  • Built In water softening agent prevents scale deposits
  • Suitable for soft and hard water
  • Pink free flowing powder and it is free rinsing
  • Powder with 4% available chlorine and easily soluble In water
  • Dual halogen for enhanced kill rate


Germocetic Detergent Sanitizer is formulated as a dual halogen broad-spectrum detergent sanitizer for use on all surfaces including food contact surfaces. It is non-foaming and is suitable for circulation disinfection. Germocetic Detergent Sanitizer is in powder form for use on all hard surfaces, equipment, and utensils, which need sanitization. It contains active chlorine, which is very effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms. It also contains water-softening agent and hence can be used for all water conditions. It is skated to ensure that there is no pitting on stainless steel.

Pack Size
20 Kg Bucket