• Exceptional stain removal
  • Specially suitable for hospital and catering trade work
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be used as a pre-wsh or main wsh product
  • Good overnight soaking medium


Main Wash Biological Detergent Suitable for Hospital and Catering Work

Pegasus – Enzyme Detergent is a fully built synthetic detergent containing unique proteolytic enzyme. A blend of non-ionic nd nionic surfactants, sequestering gents. anti re-deposition agents, lkalis, optical brightening gents and a peroxy bleaching compound combine with enzymes to produce a very versatile product with exceptional stain removal capabilities. The properties of active ingredients present make Pegasus – Enzyme Detergent an ideal product for washing work from hospitals and the catering trade. Pegasus – Enzyme Detergent can also be used effectively s a pre-wash agent in conjuntion with a Pegasus – laundry detergent or polyester/cotton wash powder or dissolved in an overnight soaking bath. This product can be used in hard or soft water conditions.

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