Grease Raptor Food Area Detergent

  • Suitable for both hard and soft water Pack Site
  • High foam surfactant helps in emulsifying fat 25 Litres Can
  • Mild but effective cleaning and Prevents the corrosion of soft metals
  • Free rinsing and streak free


Grease Raptor Food Area Detergent is a mildly alkaline self-foaming detergent foam cleaner for cleaning of heavy soils. It is partkularty suitable where the removal of fat and oil is difficult. It is inhibited to prevent the corrosion of soft metal like aluminum and is non silicated It finds wide application in the food industry due to its versatility and easy to use. Grease Raptor- Food Area Detergent is a synergistic blend of alkaline, surfactant, solvent and sequestering agents, which aids in the removal and emulsification of oils and fats. It Is suitable for most of the surfaces encountered in the food, dairy and beverage industry such as plastic and aluminium. It can be used as foam, soak cleaning or manual cleaning.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can