Acid Foam Detergent and Descaler

  • Removes hard water scales
  • Removes protein
  • Tow foaming can withstand turbulence
  • Rapid soil penetration, suspension and emulsification to provide smooth film tree surface


Acid Foam Detergent and Descaler is specially formulated acidic foam detergent with the ability to penetrate the inorganic soil and remove it effectively. It contains self -foaming and foam boosting surfactant to make it unique in its application and effectiveness. Acid Foam Detergent and Descaler provides good detergency against inorganic and protein soils. It is particularly effective in removing mineral film from high temperature processing equipment, storage vessels, conveyors and other food processing equipment. It can be safely used on all the construction materials except galvanized and aluminum.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can