Micro Wash For Polycarbonate Bottles and Mould

  • Alkaline for heavy duty and Effective on fat /soil removal
  • Built-In water softening chemical helps In combating water hardness and keeping away the scale build up in the washer Pack Size :
  • Suitable for both hard and soft water and Low foaming can withstand turbulence
  • Silicated and Is safe on the plastic and aluminum trays as well 200 Litres Barrel as on polycarbonate bottles
  • Concentration can be controlled with the use of automatic conductivity controller


Micro Wash for Polycarbonate Bottles and Mould is developed for spray cleaning of wilycarbonate bottles, crate, trays and polycarbonate mould in the confectionary for the food industry. It is a heavy-duty alkaline and sikated detergent that is safe on soft metal. Product is fully built with sequestering agent to take care of water hardness to prevent scale build up in your washer. It does not induce stress cracking in the polycarbonate bottle and mould. It keeps the polycarbonate bottles crystal clear wash after wash and maintains your brand repute. Micro Wash For Polycarbonate Bottles and Mould is ideal for use where there is a problem on compatibility.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can
200 Litres barrel