About Us

We have been in the business of providing commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions to the marketplace which mainly comprises of commercial and leisure laundry, hospitality, catering and facilities management, food processing, transport, healthcare, retail and industrial cleaning. Our journey began in 1999 with the sole purpose of providing sustainable cleaning, sanitization and hygiene solutions to keep your surroundings clean and green. After over 15 successful years in the industry, our work still revolves around this sole purpose and we strive to provide innovative quality chemical products and solutions to help your business operate efficiently and achieve a clean and green environment. We urge you to go through our full range of products and services which have been developed with care and in compliance with the international standards. Our technical collaboration with our research and development subsidiary “Royal Orange Chemical Labs”, located in USA enables us to provide the highest standard, which is another reason to select our products and services to keep the environment clean and safe. Over the many years we have served many diversified businesses, which equip our team with the unmatched expertise and knowledge of understanding your day to day operations. This enables us to identify your general and specific requirements for chemical products and accordingly we can offer you the solutions from our extensive range of products and services. Our team is energetic and eager to assist you in the best possible ways. We are easy to reach, so please do not hesitate to contact us about our products and email us at contact@royalorangegroup.com.
We look forward to your communication and opportunity to serve your business.

Our Vision

We believe in providing the highest of quality and effectiveness in our cleaning and hygiene products. We aim to set the bar in strength, safety and affordability with our entire product line. We understand that our customers entrust the cleanliness and hygiene needs of their businesses and homes with Pegasus and that trust is the foundation of our bond. We will stay committed to offering smart and sustainable cleaning solutions through our professional and cost effective products.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to provide cleaning supplies of the highest quality, at the fairest price. Our product line is extensive and caters to not only dozens of industries abroad but is also mindful of the needs of daily home cleaning. Pegasus guarantees to supply the safest and most powerful cleaning agents available today. There is no job too big or too small for Pegasus.

Quality Policy

At Royal Orange Chemical Industries, quality is at the core of our success. Our Quality Management System ISO 9001 ensures compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to our activities, products and services. We ensure at all times that our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following principles and guidelines:

  1. Our Policy shall always remain focused on the functioning of our operations that optimize business results.
  2. Our Policy will always focus on understanding our customer’s quality needs and reliably delivering products and services that add value.
  3. Our Policy will align our organization to support the vision and develop strong involvement, commitment and accountability.
  4. Our Policy will proactively develop strategic partnerships and robust networking with customers and suppliers in order to improve quality and enhance business results.
  5. Our Policy will assess performances and benchmark against the best industry practices for market driven continuous improvements and breakthrough innovations.