BACT – OFF! Alcohol Disinfectant Spray (Ethanol 75%)

  • Bact-Off! – Alcohol Disinfectant Spray (Ethanol 75%) is a ready to use product.
  • Spraying a light mist of Alcohol disinfectant spray or rubbing alcohol over hard surfaces and allowing to air dry can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses on that surface.


Bact.Off I • Alcohol Disinfectant Spray (Ethanol 75%) Is a ready to use product can be used as a surface disinfectant spray. The purpose of this product is as a Natural Bactericidal Treatment, which will kill most fungus and viruses. This product can be used to disinfectant all items Including thermometer, house hold items, Jeweller’s, equipment’s and other surfaces. This product containing 75% of Ethanol which is recommended by CDC for eliminating Viruses like Corona Virus and H1N1 (Plus ever group)

Pack Size
10 Litres Can