• Outstanding value
  • Blended formulation
  • Eliminates creasing of table linen
  • Professional results
  • Suitable for table linen and garments


Economical Starch Blend for a Professional Finish in Table Linen and Garments

Pegasus Starch Powder is a high performance blend of wheat and maize starch. The combination of maize and wheat starch grains each give different properties. Maize with the largest grain size of the two, gives a stiff cardboard like finish, whilst wheat, with a grain size between that of maize and rice gives a stiff but pliable finish. Pegasus starch powder can be added as a dry feed product or ‘creamed’ in a bucket prior to use, or made up into stock solutions of concentrations up to 150 g/litre (24 oz/gallon).

Please note that stock solutions must be either agitated continuously or re-mixed prior to each application.

Pack Size:

25 Kg