• Super strength formulation containing 16% active chlorine
  • Removes or de-colourises staining matter
  • Controlled release of oxidising power at high temperature
  • Safer to use than sodium hypochlorite and has a longer shelf life
  • Effective alternative to peroxy bleaching compounds


Pegasus – Super Clador For White Linner blach contains 16% active chlorine and is a sophisticated bleaching powder which is safe to se on virtually all classifications capable of being washed at high temperatures. ( not suitable on delicate fabrics, dark colours or woollens). Pegasus – Super Clador For White Linner is a convenient powder alternative to sodium hypochlorite bleach as it has a much longer shelf life – up six months in cool. dry conditions. Like sodium hypochlorite solution. Pegasus – Super Clador For White Linner is an oxidising agent which is capable of removing or de-colourising staining matter not removed by the detergency process. Pegasus – Super Clador For White Linner bleach retains all the advantages of chlorine-based bleach but can be safety added during the hot stage of the wash. This eliminates the risk of too quick a temperature rise if sodium hypochlorite is added atthe start of a wash. and eliminates the need for additional rinsing when sodium hypochlorite is used on the first rinse. Pegasus – Super Clador For White Linner bleach can also be used as an alternative to liquid hydrogen peroxide or the peroxy powder bleaches.

Pack Size:

25 Kg