• Exceptional stain removal properties Outperformed retail brands in controlled testing
  • Work Well in hard or soft water
  • Simple and safe for untrained staff
  • Added softener, free flowing and pleasantly perfumed


High Performance Laundry Detergent for Retail and On Premise Laundries

Pegasus – laundry detergent is a fully built synthetic detergent powder specially designed for use in the retail sector and in on-premise laundries. The high-performance non-ionic detergent contains water softening agents, optical brightening agents and a high-temperature dry powder bleach based on the peroxy compounds. Pegasus – laundry detergent is therefore excellent for washing a wide range of soiling and soiling levels whilst still being easy and safe to use. The bleaching agent is effective above 60O C (140 O FI, where it can remove stubborn staining from white and pastel-shaded work, but below that temperature, its action is mind enough not to adversely affect colored or delicate work. Since Pegasus – laundry detergent contains water softening agents, it can work equally well in hard or soft water. Foam control agents make correct dosage easy by visual attention to adequate lather levels. Available in biological and non-biological formulations.

Pack Size:

18 Kg or 25 Kg