Qpro Quaternary Disinfectant Cleanser

  • Biocidal against wide range of micro – organisms
  • Effective in hard water
  • Versatile and can be used as a disinfectant for wide variety of application such as terminal disinfectant and fogging
  • High foaming and Free rinsing
  • Does not taint or spoil the food


Opro Quaternary Disinfectant Cleanser is a synergistic blend of quaternary ammonium compound, sequestrant and surfactant as a most effective terminal disinfectant for food and beverage industry. It is very effective against wide variety of microbes. Qpro Quaternary Disinfectant Cleanser is multifunctional and can be used (or fogging. It can be used in the terminal disinfection of utensil, bakeries, meat processing plant and dairies after thorough cleaning.

Pack Size
25 litres Can