• Easy to use Can be used at all temperatures
  • Washes a wide range of classifications
  • Can be dry fed or made into stock solution
  • Gives quality results with good colour retention


Medium to Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent for a Wide Range of Classifications

Pegasus – Low Foam Detergent is a fully built alkaline multi-purpose detergent capable of washing a wide range of classifications and soiling. Its caustic free build of alkalis combined with selected non-ionic and anionic surfactants make it specifically suitable for washing in the medium to high temperature range (60o C or 140o – 180o F) for general white work and fast coloureds. Pegasus – Low Foam Detergent has excellent anti-redeposition properties and with optical brightening agents added will give excellent colour retention to all classifications. Pegasus – Low Foam Detergent can also be effectively used at lower temperatures on coloured work

Pack Size:

25 Kg