•  Ready source of concentrated alkali
  • Quickly dissolves
  • Provides good soil remover and good color retention
  • Allows full flexibility with choice and amount of surfactants
  • Cost-effective in use


Concentrated Alkali booster

Pegasus – Concentrated Alkali booster provides a balanced blend of non caustic laundry alkalis to boost the removal of heavy greasy and ingrained soiling. The high performance formulation contains sequestrate and suspension agents which prevent metal and mineral contaminants in the water supply from affecting wash quality. Pegasus – Concentrated Alkali booster will help to maintain a bright whiteness on cotton and polyester items when used on the hot wash and can be used as a soaking agent with Pegasus Glacier to remove the stains (e.g. mildew) and revive lost whiteness. Pegasus – Concentrated Alkali booster contains no detergents and will not cause excessive foaming in the washing machine.

Pack Size:

25 Kg