Soft Hands Akohol Based Disinfectant

  • No perfume and dye and hence does not taint the food area and hand
  • Contains emollients to keep the skin soft
  • Good grease-cutting properties
  • Ideal for use in moisture sensitive areas
  • Contains Irgasan DP 300 to provide antibacterial activity for longer period even after drying


Soft Hands disinfectant is an alcohol based disinfectant with Irgasan DP300 based antibacterial agent for residual activity. Product needs to be rubbed into the dean hands and does not require washing. It contains emollient to keep hands supple and soft use after use. Soft Hands – Alcohol Based Disinfectant can also be used in the food processing areas and packaging areas where water based products are unacceptable. It is formulated to provide immediate and residual activity against broad-spectrum bacteria. It contains Triclosan, which is an approved biocide.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can