• Concentrated source of liquid oxidizing agent
  • Contains hydrogen peroxide
  • Dyestuffs less affected than with chlorine-based bleaches
  • Free of optical brightening agent
  • Convenient for ‘hands-off’ pump injection


Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Remover for White or Colored Work

Pegasus – Liquid Oxygen Bleach is a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide oxidising agent provides high levels of stain removal and colour retention on white work. On coloured work, Pegasus – Liquid Oxygen Bleach can be used safety to remove bleachable stains which could not be treated with chlorine based bleaches becaise of the risk of colour removal from the original dyestuff. The unique formulation can also be an effective treatment for mldew on white or coloured work, either during the hot stage of the wash or by cold soaking in a bath or washing machine overnight. The use of Pegasus – Liquid Oxygen Bleach for this treatment, particularly the cold bath treatment, is less aggressive on the fabric and/or dyestuff used. Since Pegasus – Liquid Oxygen Bleach does not contain optical brightening agents (OBA) it can be used on coloured work without fear of absorption of the OBA giving rise to colour changes on the fabric.

Pack Size:

25 liters