• Highly concentrated liquid alkali
  • Ideal for boosting liquid surfactant concentrates
  • Aids removal of heavy soil
  • Can be used with automatic injection equipment
  • Concentrated blend of inorganic alkalis


Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster is a liquid alkaline detergent booster containing a highly concentrated blend of inorganic alkalis. It is specifically formulated to aid detergency in the presence of heavy soiling. It is especially suitable for use with our liquid detergent concentrate Pegasus Select which, although fully built and capable of being used as a ‘one-shot’ system in the light to medium soil range, will effectively be boosted by the addition of Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster heavy soiling conditions. Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster is compatible with all coventional surfactants from the Pegasus – Laundy Deergent range. Being a liquid concentrate Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster is specially suited for automatic injection such as peristaltic pumping systems where a very accurate dose is automatically injected into the washing machine at precisely the right time and the risk of human error is eliminated. Such a ‘hands-off’ system prevents wastage and produces optimum results time after time. In this respect it is ideal for use on continuous batch washing machines because of the ease of automatic injection direct from the container. Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster may also be added normally to the washing machine and because of its hogh concentration of active ingredients Pegasus – Liquid Alkali Booster will be extremely economical in use.

Pack Size:

25 Litres or 200 Litres