Pegasus – Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent Liquid

  • Concentrated liquid detergent
  • Can be boosted with separate alkali for very heavy soiling
  • Ideal for automatic injection direct from container
  • Very economical in use
  • Combines all the benefits of liquid concentrates in one product


Pegasus • Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent Liquid is a synthetic liquid detergent which can be used ‘one shot’ product for most classifications In the light to medium soiling range. For heavier soiling we would recommend that it be used with our liquid alkali builder Pegasus where the inorganic alkalis contained in Pegasus will aid hem, soil removal. Pegasus Select is ieal for use with direct injection equipment such as peristaltic pumps where a very accurate dose is automatically Injected Into the washing machine at precisely the right time and the risk of human error is eliminated. Such a ‘hands-off’ system prevents wastage, gives optimum rersults all the time and is safe to handle. Pegasus • Economical Medium To Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent liquid may also be fed manually to washing machines and will perform equally well in hard or soft water conditions. Because of its high concentration of active material Pegasus – Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent Liquid is extremely economical in use.

Pack Size
2S Kg