Pegasus – Laundry Sour & Antichlor Effective Laundry Sour & Antichlor

  • Neutralises excess alkalinity
  • Eliminates the risk of galling
  • Eliminates bleach damage during tumbling
  • Convenient t add directly to the washing machine
  • Can be made into a stock solution


Pegasus – laundry Sour & Antichlor is a white free-flowingg fine crystalline powder which is a highly effective combined sour and antichlor product for use in the last rinse of a wash process. Its acidic nature will neutralise any excess alkalinity present in the last rinse and its antichlor properties will neutralise any residual sodium hypoichlorite bleach that may be present. This will prevent the yellowing of articles on presses and ironersigalling) due to residual alkali left in the work. and also prevent damage during tumbling created by residual sodium hypochiorite bleach left in the work.

Pack Size
25 Kg Bucket