Pegasus – Ultra Oxy Clean

  • Improves color through removal of background staining
  • Dyestuffs are less affected than with chlorine-based bleaches
  • Less harmful on fabrics than chlorine-based bleaches
  • Old or unfit stock can be recovered
  • Free of optical brightening agents


Pegasus – Ultra Oxy Clean is a highly active oxidizing and bleaching agent based on the sodium peroxy compounds. In powder form, it provides and easy-to-use source of active peroxy compound to provide high levels of stain removal and color retention on white work. On colored work, it provides a means of removing bleachable stains not treatable with chlorine-based bleaches. Thus it is ideal for the treatment of stained colored table linen (polyester, polyester/cotton, cotton or linen). It is also particularly suited to the removal of mildew from fabrics, either by normal in-the-wash treatment during the hot stage of the wash, or by soaking treatment in a cold bath. Either method provides a meansof removing mildew without unduly attacking the fabric. Pegasus – Ultra Oxy Clean does not contain optical brightening agents (OBA) so it can be used on colored work without fear of problems caused by OBA absorption onto colored articles.

Pack Size
25 Kg Bucket