• Very cost effective
  • Works well over a wide range of soilings and fabrics
  • Provides high pH for maximum soil removal
  • Can be used as dry feed or made into Stock Solution
  • Can provide an alternative to dry cleaning for industrial workwear


High Alkali Main Wash Detergent with Special Soil Suspension Properties

Pegasus – High Foam Detergent is a high alkali main wash detergent. The high levels of alkalis present make the product especially suitable for handing heavily soiled classifications but it can also be used over a wide range of soiling and it is particularly economical in use when handing more lightly soiled work. The blend of non-ionoc and anionic surfactants present, blended with sequestering agents, anti-redeposition agents and optical brightening agents make Pegasus – High Foam Detergent live up to its name. The high pH produced by Pegasus gives it very good saporifying powers on all types of mineral and vegetable greases, oils and fats. This makes the product suitable for washing industrial garments that might otherwise require dry cleaning.

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25 Kg

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