• Very effecient degreaser / emulsifier
  • Removes metal oxides and food residue stains
  • Highly concentrated
  • Can save the need to dry clean
  • Contains no hydrocarbon solvents


Pegasus – High Performance Emulsifier is a specially formulated blend of non-ionic surfactants for use either on its qwn or as an adjunct to a built powder detergent. It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents or odour masking compounds. When added to the hottest part of a wash process (71O C or 160O F) or above, its ability to dissolve or emulsify food or mineral oils and greases is outstanding. Because of this, Pegasus can remove the metal oxides and food residues at the same time as removing the oils and greases instead of leaving the residues behind as a difficult to move stain. For garment rental, we would recommend Pegasus as an adjust to our mainstream of polyester/cotton washing powders where the combination of alkalis, detergent builders, and surfactants withPegasus – High Performance Emulsifier will give outstanding rrsults on even the most abused garments. Because of the efficiency of this process it can be a substityte to dry cleaning the most heavily soilded articles. Alternatively Pegasus – High Performance Emulsifier can be used on its own as a convenient highly concentrated source of non-ionic surfactancy.

Pack Size:

4 x 5 Litres 25 Litres
200 Litres or 1000 Litres