Turbo Clean

  • Blend of high performing surfactant and Safe use for manual operation
  • Concentrated liquid easy to use and Free rinsing
  • Suitable for all water hardness and Can be used both in the hot and cold water
  • Surfactant used are fully biodegradable and Contains corrosion Inhibitor
  • Quick splitting —oil and grease removed from vehicle leaning separates out quickly from washed solution


Turbo Clean Is a concentrated fleet cleaning detergent to remove traffic film from the vehicles. It is formulated as a blend of surfactant to provide synergistic power of cleaning for hard surfaces. It provides superior results in all water hardness.. It can be used for the exterior cleaning of the vehicle bodies with the use of washing equipments. The combination of the surfactant provides wettIntemuisification and dispersion of the soil normally encountered during vehicle washing. Turbo Clean is in liquid form and Is convenient to use. It is free from any colouring material and perfume. It can also be used for cleaning of the vehicles manually, chassis.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can