Premium Luxury Fabric Softener Arabian Wood / California / Diamond White / Pearl White

  • Excellent fabric conditioning agent
  • Lubricates flatwork
  • Keeps starch solutions fresh
  • Help to inhibit mildew growth
  • Gives pleasant fresh fragrance


Arabian Wood / California Is a highly active cationic fabric conditioning agent which imparts a soft, fluffy handle to cottons, woollens and synthetic fabrics after each application. The high performnce formulation contains fabric lubricating properties which reduces the wear on fabric and increases the efficiency of hydro•extraction this consequently reduces drying time and provides wrinkle-free fabrics with minimum static build-up after finishing. This plesantly perfumed formulation can also be used on flat work to effectively reduce the labour in breaking up ‘cheeses’ after hydro-extrctlon. The cationic nature of Arabian Wood / California also allows bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties to inhibit re-growth of mildew making the formulation ideal for use on tea towels and table linen.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can