Pegasus – Delicate Laundress Low Temperature Mild Alkaline Detergent for Coloured, Delicate and Woollen Classifications

  • Low alkali and high detergency for effective soil removal
  • Safe to use on delicate fabrics, dark colours and woollens
  • Excellent pre-wash product
  • High water conditioning power when inconsistent wash water quality is a problem
  • Economical in use  4 pEC $ 1 SIC


Pegasus • Low Alkali Main Wash Detergent Liquid is a synthetic liquid detergent which can be used ‘one shot’ product for most classifications In the light to medium soiling range. For heavier soiling we would recommend that it be used with our liquid alkali builder Pegasus where the inorganic alkalis contained in Pegasus will aid hem, soil removal. Pegasus Select is ieal for use with direct Pegasus – Delicate Laundress has high detergency and soil suspension properties coupled with low alkalinity making it excellent for washing coloured and delicate fabric at low temperatures. The high performance formulation is OBA free to avoid tainting of pastel shades and “pinking” reactions with chlorine bleach. Pegasus – Delicate Laundress is the ideal choke when a gentler wash is required at lower temperatures (40’C – 60°C) and can also be employed as a pre-wash product.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can