Phenol Action Disinfectant

  • Long lasting phenolic note
  • Kills broad spectrum germs & viruses
  • Gives white emulsion on contact with water
  • Powerful deodorizer & disinfectant Pack Size
  • RW Co-efficient value of 3/5
  • Conforms to British Standard BS 5197 in respect germicidal value as measured by the Rideal Walker Test BSS41 and modified chick Martin Test BSSOS


Phenol Action Disinfectant Is a dark coloured liquid phenolic disinfectant and deodorizer with a powerful blend of chlorinated phenols, turpine oils, vegetable based soap for refreshing long lasting odour to mask any unwanted smell. It is suitable for disinfection of refuse, toilet, drain, hospitals and animal health use. It can also be used for vehicle disinfection

Pack Size
25 Litres Can