Pegasus – Rust Removing Sour Liquid

  • Cost-effective solution to iron contamination
  • Safe to use on all fabric types
  • Combined action reduces rewash and improves whiteness
  • Can be used as an iron inhibitor or as a concentrated special treatment for rust I
  • Can easily be applied manually or through automatic pumps


Pegasus – Rust Removing Sour Liquid peewits iron contamination of textiles when applied to the last rinse of a wash process. This high performance formulation prevents the yellow/brown discolouration of fabrics caused by excess Iron In the water supply. This dual action solution neatralises alkali residues from washing detergents thus preventing galling/yellowing of fabrics. Pegasus – Rust Removing Sour Liquid provides assurance of optimum consistency of finished work in variable water/rinse conditions. This unique solution can be used as a special treatment to remove rust marks from heavily contaminated batches of linen.

Pack Size
25 Litres Can