Classic Chlor Laundry dry chlorine bleach

  • Self buffered. No pH adjustment needed.
  • Classic Chlor is recomended for white linens and garments only.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be used as a pre-wsh or main wsh product
  • Good overnight soaking medium


Classic Chlor Is a laundry dry bleach, convenient to store and safe to use. When this product is dissolved in water, hypochlorous acid is formed. Since this dry bleach is blended with suitable alkaline buffer, the hypochlorous acid formed is converted by neutralization to hypochlorite, the oxidizing agent found in other chlorine bleaches. The hypochlorite is formed gradually as the organic bleach decomposes.
When bleach solution is directly dispensed to the bath, the possible damage due to the direct contact of the textiles and concentrated bleach solution can happen. Since the Classic Chlor releases hypochlorite after the reaction, the process is slow. This product is safe only for white textiles

Pack Size
25 Kg Bucket / Bag